Financial Markets International, Inc. needed a strategic transformation to enhance its global influence

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Financial Markets International, Inc. (FMI) is at the forefront of fostering inclusive growth and economic empowerment across the globe. With a robust focus on leveraging market mechanisms, FMI has carved out a niche in vital areas such as capital markets development, capital mobilization, financial inclusion, private sector engagement, and enhancing transparency and public accountability.

With a reach that extends to over 40 countries, FMI is committed to translating complex financial concepts into actionable strategies that unlock potential and catalyze growth. By empowering economies and communities, FMI is not just a participant in the global financial landscape but a trailblazer, driving change and prosperity in emerging markets and beyond.


FMI aimed to increase its impact and stay relevant in a fast-changing world. It faced several challenges that required immediate attention:

  1. Updating the Brand: FMI needed a new look to better communicate its mission and connect with people globally. The challenge was to create a fresh, appealing logo and design that reflects FMI's values and modern approach.
  2. Improving the Website: FMI's websites had to be more user-friendly and engaging. The organization wanted websites that were easy to navigate and offered valuable information to visitors.
  3. Better Communication Materials: To get its message across effectively, FMI required new and improved materials like infographics and presentations. They needed to be clear and professional to ensure that FMI's ideas were understood and appreciated by a broad audience.
  4. Launching a New Tool: FMI wanted to introduce a sophisticated software platform, the Capital Mobilizer, to support its work. The challenge was to build a reliable and useful tool that would help FMI and its users access important financial information and insights.
  5. Gathering Data: FMI needed to deliver reliable data so its clients could make informed decisions. The challenge was to carry out a detailed survey across different countries, ensuring the information gathered was accurate and useful.


We deployed state-of-the-art solutions and groundbreaking technology to upgrade FMI's presence on the global stage.


Branding and Collateral Development

Our strategy focused on creating a cohesive and powerful brand identity for FMI, coupled with the development of compelling collateral materials to enhance communication and engagement with its global stakeholders. This integrated approach included:

  • New FMI Logo: A new logo was designed to encapsulate FMI’s mission of fostering inclusive growth and economic empowerment. The design elements are crafted to convey a sense of movement and progress, illustrating FMI's agile and proactive approach in the global financial landscape.
  • Program and Product Branding: Each of FMI's programs and products received distinct branding to ensure coherent and impactful communication. The new logos and branding elements were crafted to align with FMI's overall mission while also providing unique identities to each initiative, facilitating better recognition and engagement.

Website Development

Acknowledging the critical role of digital presence in today's global market, FMI embarked on an extensive web development project to overhaul its corporate websites. This initiative was pivotal in ensuring that FMI's digital footprint aligns with its branding and operational objectives. The key components of this web development effort included:

  • Corporate Websites Redesign: FMI's websites were transformed with a new, modern aesthetic to offer an intuitive user experience and better reflect the organization's vision and goals. The redesign focused on usability, aesthetics, and content relevance to engage visitors effectively and communicate FMI's message clearly.
  • Support for Program Microsections: To highlight specific initiatives and facilitate deeper engagement, the new website structure includes dedicated microsections for each of FMI's programs. These sections provide detailed information, resources, and updates, making it easier for users to explore FMI's diverse activities and impacts.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Management: Recognizing the importance of keeping digital platforms up-to-date and secure, we implemented a robust framework for the ongoing maintenance and management of the website. This approach ensures that the sites remain functional, relevant, and secure, providing a reliable source of information and engagement for all stakeholders.
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SAAS Development:
Capital Mobilizer

This cutting-edge platform was designed to be used as an online tool in many of FMI’s initiatives, featuring:

  • Award-Winning Web Design: Incorporating modern design principles to create an engaging and effective user interface that has garnered industry recognition, as well as an American Graphic Design Award.
  • Multilingual UI and UX: Developing a comprehensive multilingual user interface and user experience to cater to a global audience.
  • Rapid Prototyping: We employ an agile approach to software development, allowing us to swiftly iterate rapid prototype cycle and refine the tool based on client’s feedback and testing.
  • Fully-Managed SAAS Cloud Infrastructure and Protection: We provide a hassle-free, fully-managed SAAS environment focused on reliability, scalability and security, coupled with dedicated protection services.

Multinational Survey Campaign Utilizing Capital Mobilizer SAAS

We conducted a multinational survey campaign, leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Capital Mobilizer SAAS platform. This campaign was designed to harness critical data and insights, contributing to FMI's program objectives:

  • Collaboration with Financial Institutions: Engaged with numerous financial institutions across various countries to amass a substantial and relevant contact database, ensuring the survey reached a broad and pertinent audience.
  • Contact List Screening and Optimization: Implemented rigorous processes to screen and refine the contact list, maximizing the response rate and the quality of the data collected.
  • Email Campaign: Executed a targeted email campaign to distribute the survey, employing best practices in design and content to enhance engagement. Performance metrics were meticulously tracked to gauge reach and impact.
  • Text Message Outreach: Complemented the email campaign with strategic text message outreach, monitoring response rates and engagement levels to fine-tune the approach.
  • Respondent’s Data Gathering via Capital Mobilizer SAAS: Utilized the platform's robust data collection functionalities to facilitate an extensive international survey, targeting key demographics and stakeholders in the financial sector.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Upon completion of the survey campaign, a detailed report was compiled, analyzing the data gathered, performance metrics, and key takeaways. This report serves as a valuable asset for FMI, informing future strategies and initiatives.