The Latino Health Initiative needed to expand its reach and impact within the Latino community

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The Latino Health Initiative (LHI) is a community-focused organization in Maryland’s Montgomery County that works to eliminate health disparities and improve health outcomes for the local Hispanic population. Established in 2000, it engages in health education, advocacy, and program development tailored to the needs of Latinos.



LHI organizes numerous programs and initiatives each year, aiming to enhance community health and outreach. It identified several key areas where support was needed:

  1. Web Development and Maintenance Expertise to regularly update and enhance its website, ensuring it remains a vibrant and resourceful platform.
  2. Online Strategy and Audience Engagement Insight to effectively connect with the evolving Hispanic online audience and engage them in a meaningful way.
  3. Digital Performance Analysis using advanced tools and expertise to monitor, analyze, and optimize its online presence.
  4. Technical Support for Online Projects to translate its innovative ideas into digital realities.


We have been instrumental in advancing LHI’s digital footprint and community engagement since the organization’s inception.


Pivotal Online Support in COVID-19 Pandemic Response

In response to the pandemic, we supported LHI's Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar initiative – a vital Spanish-language resource that served as a model throughout the U.S. and other Latin American countries. Our role involved:

  • The design and execution of a specialized microsite focusing on COVID-19, improving access to information and resources.
  • Creation of targeted landing pages and subpages, featuring dynamic content and vital information.
  • Implementation of autonomous listings and real-time calendars for testing and vaccination schedules to enhance public interaction and accessibility.
  • Establishment of an exhaustive Spanish-language resource hub, including educational videos, to bolster communication efforts.

Website development

Our two-decade collaboration with LHI began with the launch of their inaugural website, transitioning to a content management system several years later, and recently culminating in a significant redesign. This evolution introduced a responsive, mobile-friendly interface and self-service functionalities. Our ongoing support has included:

  • Created dynamic landing pages and sub-sections with multimedia elements to enhance user engagement and provide an intuitive experience.
  • Ensured regular content refreshes with engaging text and diverse downloadable resources to maintain relevance.
  • Conducted monthly web analytics to extract actionable insights for targeted website enhancements.
  • Implemented targeted email campaigns to deepen community engagement and facilitate interactive collaboration.

Engagement Strategy

We have provided strategic consulting to further LHI's outreach and impact, focusing on deepening connections within the Latino community. This activity involved:

  • Routine strategy sessions with the Communications Team to align the website with organizational objectives, interpret analytics, and evaluate marketing endeavors.
  • Actionable recommendations to amplify engagement, highlighting outreach in Montgomery County, promoting Spanish language content, SEO optimization, content tailoring for younger demographics, and mobile experience enhancement.