Mountain View Wealth Management

Mountain View Wealth Management needed a comprehensive branding strategy to increase client trust

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Mountain View Wealth Management LLC offers personalized financial planning and asset management services. It focuses on developing customized, comprehensive investment strategies that help clients build, preserve, and manage their wealth effectively.

The company prioritizes learning about clients' objectives to deliver effective financial guidance, with the goal of improving their quality of life as well as their financial well-being.



As a newly established company that needed to stand out, it required:

  1. A distinctive brand identity that reflects its values and mission, to help build trust and recognition in the financial industry.
  2. A comprehensive and engaging website to inform prospective clients about its services and attract new business.
  3. High-quality print materials to distribute to clients, reinforcing its professional image and brand identity in the physical world.


We delivered a branded experience to engage with existing clients and attract new ones, including:


Brand identity

We developed a modern and sleek brand identity, positioning the company ahead of traditional, less innovative competitors.

Website Development

We crafted a user-friendly, modern website – ensuring optimal functionality across various devices, with concise service overviews and prominent calls to action to enhance user engagement.

MVW Mock

Brochure design

We designed a brochure that uniquely represents the brand, further establishing its presence and appeal in the financial sector. The brochure was honored with an American Digital Design Award.