The National Lime Association

The National Lime Association needed expert assistance to complete its digital transformation

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The National Lime Association (NLA) is a key advocate and resource for the lime industry in North America, focusing on legislative and regulatory matters, compliance assistance, and promoting industry innovation. Representing a significant portion of lime producers, NLA is central to fostering technical knowledge exchange and industry advancements.

Through its comprehensive efforts, NLA emphasizes the critical role of lime in the economy and its contributions to environmental solutions, underscoring the importance of ongoing innovation and sustainability within the industry.



Over the years, NLA faced significant obstacles in managing and upgrading its digital infrastructure:

  1. Website Weaknesses: Ongoing issues related to navigation, design consistency, and member services necessitated a full-scale redevelopment.
  2. Outdated Website Systems: Reliance on outdated systems hindered efficiency and impeded the implementation of modern digital solutions to meet evolving needs.
  3. Database Management: Significant hurdles in managing the complexities of database-driven applications.


We have implemented several key initiatives to enhance NLA's online presence and optimize their digital operations.

  • Website Overhaul: We addressed all of the website weaknesses with a complete revamp. Our responsibilities included website planning, content migration, architectural development, and server consolidation.
  • CMS and Member Activity Tracking System: With the increased need for a member portal and document management, we created a new website with a content management system (CMS) three years later. Additionally, we developed a member activity tracking system to gain insights into membership website usage and document downloads, enhancing engagement and analytical capabilities.
  • Database Support and Modernization: We began managing NLA's database-driven applications, handling tasks such as updating, backing up, and migrating databases. Additionally, we have developed online-accessible reports for these databases.